Año: 1999
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«What If? The World's Foremost Historians Imagine What Might Have Been», is an anthology of twenty essays and fourteen sidebars dealing with counterfactual history. This book as well as its two sequels, «What If? 2» and «What Ifs? of American History», were edited by Robert Cowley.

Cowley decided to create the book after several "What if?" articles were published in the Military History Quarterly, which he edits, and received a lot of attention.

Both fascinating and frightening, «What If?» offers in-depth reflections by military historians on the monumental events of the past and amazing speculations about what our world might be like if things had gone differently in that one singular moment in time.

Historians and inquisitive laymen alike love to ponder the dramatic what-ifs of history. In these never-before-published essays, some of the keenest minds of our time ask the big, tantalizing questions: Where might we be if history had not unfolded the way it did? Why, how, and when was our fortune made real? The answers are surprising, sometimes frightening, and always entertaining.

This provocative collection of essays features today's foremost historians speculating on these "what ifs", providing a fascinating new perspective on history's most pivotal events. The essays include:

Infectious Alternatives: The Plague That Saved Jerusalem by William H. McNeill
No Glory That Was Greece: The Persians Win at Salamis by Victor Davis Hanson
Conquest Denied: The Premature Death of Alexander the Great by Josiah Ober
Furor Teutonicus: The Teutoburg by Lewis H. Lapham
The Dark Ages Made Lighter: The Consequences of Two Defeats by Barry S. Strauss
The Death That Saved Europe: The Mongols Turn Back by Cecelia Holland
If Only It Had Not Been Such a Wet Summer: The Critical Decade of the 1520s by Theodore K. Rabb
The Immolation of Hernan Cortes: Tenochtitlán, June 30, 1521 by Ross Hassig
The Repulse of the English Fireships: The Spanish Armada Triumphs, August 8, 1588 by Geoffrey Parker
Unlikely Victory: Thirteen Ways the Americans Could Have Lost the Revolution by Thomas Fleming
What the Fog Wrought: The Revolution’s Dunkirk, August 29, 1776 by David McCullough
Ruler of the World: Napoleon’s Missed Opportunities by Alistair Horne
If the Lost Order Hadn’t Been Lost: Robert E. Lee Humbles the Union, 1862 by James M. McPherson
A Confederate Cannae and Other Scenarios: How the Civil War Might Have Turned Out Differently by Stephen W. Sears
The What Ifs of 1914: The World War That Should Never Have Been by Robert Cowley
How Hitler Could Have Won the War: The Drive for the Middle East, 1941 by John Keegan
Our Midway Disaster: Japan Springs a Trap, June 4, 1942 by Theodore E. Cook, Jr.
D Day Fails: Atomic Alternatives in Europe by Stephen E. Ambrose
Funeral in Berlin: The Cold War Turns Hot by David Clay Large
China Without Tears: If Chiang Kai-shek Hadn’t Gambled in 1946 by Arthur Waldron

In addition to the essays are fascinating 'sidebars' that illuminate in brief other world-changing episodes.

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