Año: 2001
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Both fascinating and frightening, «What If?» offers in-depth reflections by military historians on the monumental events of the past and amazing speculations about what our world might be like if things had gone differently in that one singular moment in time.

Historians and inquisitive laymen alike love to ponder the dramatic what-ifs of history. In these never-before-published essays, some of the keenest minds of our time ask the big, tantalizing questions: Where might we be if history had not unfolded the way it did? Why, how, and when was our fortune made real? The answers are surprising, sometimes frightening, and always entertaining.

This provocative collection of essays features today's foremost historians speculating on these "what ifs", providing a fascinating new perspective on history's most pivotal events. The essays include:

• Socrates Dies at Delium, 424 b.c.: The consequences of a single battle casualty by Victor Davis Hanson
• Not by a Nose: The triumph of Antony and Cleopatra at Actium, 31 b.c. by Josiah Ober
• Pontius Pilate Spares Jesus: Christianity without the Crucifixion by Carlos M. N. Eire
• Repulse at Hastings, October 14, 1066: William does not conquer England by Cecelia Holland
• The Chinese Discovery of the New World, 15th Century: What the expeditions of a eunuch admiral might have led to by Theodore F. Cook, Jr.
• Martin Luther Burns at the Stake, 1521: "O God, is Luther dead?" by Geoffrey Parker
• If Charles I Had Not Left Whitehall, August 1641: As a starter, no English civil war by Theodore K. Rabb
• Napoléon's Invasion of North America: Aedes aegypti takes a holiday, 1802 by Thomas Fleming
• If Lincoln Had Not Freed the Slaves: The inevitable results of no Emancipation Proclamation by Tom Wicker
• France Turns the Other Cheek, July 1870: The needless war with Prussia by Alistair Horne
• The Election of Theodore Roosevelt, 1912: Brokering an earlier end to World War I by John Lukacs
• The Great War Torpedoed: The weapon that could have won the war for Germany in 1915 by Robert L. O'Connell
• No Finland Station: A Russian Revolution without Lenin? by George Feifer
• The Luck of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Seven might-not-have-beens on the road to the presidency by Geoffrey C. Ward
• The War of 1938: Chamberlain fails to sway Hitler at Munich by Williamson Murray
• Prime Minister Halifax: Great Britain makes peace with Germany, 1940 by Andrew Roberts
• The Boys Who Saved Australia, 1942: Small events can have large results by James Bradley
• Enigma Uncracked: The Allies fail to break the German cipher machine by David Kahn
• Pius XII Protests the Holocaust: Could the wartime pope have prevented the Final Solution? by Robert Katz
• VE Day-November 11, 1944: The unleashing of Patton and Montgomery by Caleb Carr
• The Führer in the Dock: A speculation on the banality of evil by Roger Spiller
• No Bomb: No End: The Operation Olympic disaster, Japan 1945 by Richard B. Frank
• The Presidency of Henry Wallace: If FDR had not dumped his vice president in 1944 by James Chace
• A Tale of Three Congressmen, 1948: America without Nixon, Johnson, and Kennedy by Lance Morrow
• What If Pizarro Had Not Found Potatoes in Peru?: The humble roots of history by William H. McNeill

In addition to the essays are fascinating 'sidebars' that illuminate in brief other world-changing episodes.

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