Leer libro Título: UNDERSTANDING SQL
Año: 1990
Formato: PDF

«Understanding SQL» is a thorough tutorial introduction to Structured Query Language, written especially for newcomers who will be using SQL on the job. Even if this is your first experience with computers or database management, «Understanding SQL» will soon have you working fluently and effectively with SQL, using simple queries as well as complex database operations.

Get clear on the concepts of computerized database management with a concise, easy-to-read introduction to relational databases and database-management basics.

Follow hands-on tutorials to master essential SQL commands step by step as you learn how to retrieve and work with information stored in data tables. Find out how to:

• Select the information you wish to work with.
• Add, delete, and update information in a data table.
• Use and/or, true/false, and other conditions to zero in on specific information.
• Use special SQL functions to summarize your data.

Work efficiently with multiple data tables, using advanced techniques for querying more than one table at a time, constructing complex queries and subqueries, and using views to create and work with databases derived from multiple tables.

Create new data tables for custom business applications. You'll explore essential principles of efficient database design, as well as techniques for ensuring data integrity and security.

Learn how to use SQL with C and other languages in a special chapter on SQL for programmers.

«Understanding SQL» is an indispensable introductory text, suitable for any implementation of Structured Query Language. It includes both a concise standard SQL reference guide and a guide to common nonstandard SQL features.

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